Dorsa Rohani

—— Experience

Recently, I was an AI Software Engineering Intern at MecSimCalc ↗, creating applications with the latest AI technology. I am also a Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena ↗, contributing to the most pivotal humanitarian disaster relief projects (1, 2). Previously, I worked as a frontend developer intern at building-U. I am a cellist and enjoy making music with others (1, 2).

Achievements & Certificates
🏆 MLH Top 50 Hacker — Major League Hacking (out of 150,000 members)
🏆 Best Use of Cloud Computing — Hack the Change (out of ~400 participants)
🏆 2nd Place Solo Hack & 3rd Place Overall — United Hacks (out of 400+ participants)
🏆 People's Choice Award — NASA International Space Hackathon (competed solo)
🏆 VEX Robotics Create Award — Canadian VRC Signature Event (out of 77 teams)
🏆 National Gold Award in String Orchestra division — MusicFest Canada
🏆 2nd Place Overall — Cognition Hackathon by VIT Mathematical Association (out of 1000+ participants)
🏆 2nd Place Healthcare Hack — MetroHacks (out of ~400 participants)
🏆 1st Place — MecSimCalc Hackathon
🏆 Best Use of Google Cloud — MLH (Major League Hacking)
🏆 3rd Place Overall — Hackerland by MLH (Major League Hacking)
🏆 Cosmo Music Award
🌟 Machine Learning Specialization - Stanford University
🌟 AI Foundations - IBM
🌟 French Immersion Diploma

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