Dorsa Rohani

is a life-long learner,
researcher, and

AI Software Engineering Intern @MecSimCalc↗. Machine Learning Engineer @Omdena↗.

I was named a MLH Top 50 Hacker ↗ out of 150,000 hackers around the world by Major League Hacking. Driven by innovation, I've won 9 hackathons. Bilingual in English and French, I've studied in the Canadian French immersion curriculum throughout my life.

My sister Sophie's courageous fight against stage 4 cancer has been a pivotal influence in my life, infusing each project I undertake with a dedication to excellence and a resolve to overcome challenges. Her journey has inspired not only the content of my projects but also the determination and positivity with which I approach every task.

I'm currently building deep learning models from scratch and delving into the potential of neural networks and AGI.
My most favourite – if not greatest joy – is meeting new people. Let's chat!

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